City Traders Imperium Vs The 5%ers

Are you confused between City Traders Imperium and The 5%ers trading programs? If yes, this article will be helpful to you. Here we have properly compared both these forex funded trading programs so that you can select the right one. Choosing a prop trading firm can be a tough decision.

When it comes to forex trading, you get two options – either use your own capital or join a funded trading company & use its capital for trading. Both these approaches have their own pros and cons. Most newbie traders say that lack of money is their big hurdle when they want to trade in the forex market. This is when the importance of funded trading programs comes into play.

Forex trading is very risky.. As a sole trader, you will have to risk your own hard-earned money to learn different strategies and tactics. If you are one of those traders who don’t want to risk their own capital, you can join a funded trading program. There are so many funded trading programs out there. Some popular ones are FTMO, The 5%ers, and City Traders Imperium.

Depending on the platform you choose, rules, restrictions, & guidelines will differ. Before joining any platform, it is utmost important to have a clear idea about their rules and guidelines. In this post, we are going to talk about City Traders Imperium and The 5%ers.

What is City Traders Imperium?

City Traders Imperium isn’t just a funded trading program. It is a platform where traders can learn forex and improve their skills & knowledge about the market. Daniel is the founder of this platform. Before he started this program, he found that most prop firms in London were focusing just on selling courses rather than developing real traders.

Daniel thought that he should change this approach and work on developing real forex traders. If you are starting out, at CTI, you can gain some real skills and knowledge about forex trading. The program isn’t focused just on selling, it’s more about teaching the right skills to the members.

To become a trader at CTI, you must pass the evaluation process. Like FTMO, this platform also has an evaluation process. The platform offers $20k, $50k, and $70k fully funded trading accounts. First of all, you need to join the platform and select which funding account you want to get started with. Your account will be funded with CTI capital within 24 hours. During the evaluation period, you will be given 50% profit share after the evaluation. However, when you become a profitable trader on City Traders Imperium, your profit share will be 60%.

The company charges one-time payment from its members. Depending on the funded account you choose, the fee will differ. It’s £200 for a $20,000 account, £400 for a $50,000 account, and £550 for a $70,000 account. Before getting started, make sure you properly check out the evaluation rules of this program.

What is The 5%ers?

For forex trading, the 5%ers can also be a good choice. Before getting started with this funded trading platform, you need to select your trading personality. Depending on your risk-taking capability, you need to select it.

If you don’t want to take huge risks, you can go with a low-risk account and if you can take risks, you can go with an aggressive account. Depending on your funded account model (low-risk or aggressive), the rules and guidelines will vary. Make sure you properly check out its profit target, account leverage, stop loss, maximum time, and other factors.

5%ers offers different plans with different account balances. You can choose from a $24,000 account, $40,000, $52,000, or $80,000, and the participation fee of these accounts are $275, $450, $565, and $875 respectively. This is the one-time participation fee at this platform. On this platform, you do not have to pay any subscription fees, hidden fees, or recurring fees.

Like FTMO, the fee is not refundable on this platform. However, the good thing about this funded program is it does not require members to go through the evaluation process. Once you sign up and select your plan, you are good to start trading with real money.

City Traders Imperium Vs The 5%ers

Both these programs are different in many ways. Before choosing any of these two, make sure you compare their rules and guidelines. You need to compare the profit target, trading time period, payout share, etc. factors of different plans and of both programs.

To become a trader at CTI, you need to pass the evaluation process. On the other hand, to become a trader at 5%ers, there is no need to pass the evaluation process. There’s a one-time participation fee on both the platforms. Keep in mind, this fee is not refundable.

Final Verdict

Both of these companies are legit and can get you to where you want to be. They have changed somewhat and 5%ers does have a challenge to go with their regular sign up fee so you can choose either one. We honestly like CTI the most because of the no hurry method so you can only take highly probably trades at your own pace. You can continue to demo or trade your own account on the side with riskier trades. We only like 3 prop firms so far that we personally have used two fo them being CTI and 5%ers.

No Timeline: City Traders Imperium CTI has been around awhile their payout isn’t the best starting at 50% to 60% then up to 70% when to get to 7 figures funded. Now why would we suggest somebody with a lesser payout? Because if the company is making more money they will be much happier relaxing the rules and letting traders do what they want. You can trade during the news, hold over the weekends and take as much time up to to a year on your verification. 50k funded account will cost you around $500 USD.

Longer Timeline: 5%ers same thing they have a lesser payout at 50%, but you have to look at that they want you to succeed that much more with them paying you 50% and the upside is 7 figures again. They have been around awhile and they give you 6 months to pass the verification as well. It is a little pricier for the verification at around $875 USD, but again not as much pressure as a 60 day verification. Take your time and take the higher quality trades instead of rushing into them.

Most Reputable: FTMO FTMO has been around about the longest of the most popular prop firms. They aren’t too expensive they have different tiers which used to be only up to 100k, but now they do have a 200k. The only downside with FTMO is the rules they are very strict on things like the news and not holding trades over the weekend and such. This can make you better yes, but it can hold a lot of traders back based on their strategy and principles. We have always been low risk high reward traders so it doesn’t affect us that much.

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