Welcome to the New Paradigm of Trading

A lot of successful people still trade in the old paradigm and there is nothing wrong with this at all. New people get into forex and trade the old paradigm and still become successful as well so this is not a knock on old paradigm trading at all. I still trade old paradigm I just use 1-2-3 systems and tools to do so. I will explain as much as I can about the New Paradigm but you need to get involved with Steve Gregor’s facebook group for starters. Who is Steve Gregor? Well I won’t go into detail but he is the founder of the New Paradigm of trading and the facebook group Scans, Forks, Fibo’s and Waveology. He has been trading and coaching for over 15 years. Done many great things during that span.

PLEASE MESSAGE ME SO YOU CAN GET INTO HIS FACEBOOK GROUP ASAP. 100% free and you will learn a lot more in there then from me as he is the true teacher and master trader.

Some of this accolades:

  • Forex Trader Since 2003
  • Forex Coach Since 2004
  • PC Magazine Editors Choice Award Winner
  • INC500 Fastest Growing Company
  • First Technical Analysis Product on IBM PC
  • First Over-The-Air, Real-Time Financial Quotes


Some of the things I personally know him for and have witnessed:

  • Creator of Harmonic Wave Convergence
  • Creator of Pitchfork Mastery Course
  • Creator of Charlie-Delta Trading


I will quickly go over what New Paradigm Trading is or at least is in my eyes and what I have learned over the past 1 1/2 years from Steve Gregor himself. After that I will go through and briefly define the items I listed above on Harmonic Wave Convergence, Pitchfork Mastery Course and Charlie-Delta Trading.


What is the New Paradigm of trading? One thing New Paradigm trading shows you is that a PIP is not always a PIP. When a person takes a trade they set a stop loss and usually a take profit. But what is forgotten about by when somebody is a new trader or by those who say well I just made 1,000 pips this week! That’s great but what was your risk percentage and also what was your stop loss in pips?

Let’s say this person risked 2% and also had a 500 pip stop loss (exaggerating yes but to make a point) so that means they would have had a 4% return on that 1,000 pips. They are making 2% every time that trade goes 500 pips…

Which let’s be honest 4% return is not bad when you compare to your bank savings account which if it is at 2% you are considered very lucky these days.

When you use a fat stop loss of around 50+ pips this is considered old paradigm there isn’t really any precision there.

With the new paradigm, you are looking for a precision entry with a 10 pip stop loss on average. So what does this mean? That in that same trade of 1,000 pips if you used 2% risk into that 10 pips you would have made 200% again this is a big exaggeration but you get the point. You have the ability to make 3X, 5X, or even 10X the amount vs old paradigm stop losses.

50 pips stop loss you are getting 2% return every 50 pips or 10 pips stop loss would be 10% return over those same 50 pips which is much more reasonable.

This boils down to your Stop Loss being your PROFIT REGULATOR.


Most people would consider this scalping but not really what to call it. I guess you could call it scalping on steroids.

What he also teaches is how to get out with 2-5 pip manual stop loss. Which may not make sense at first but with the New Paradigm trading it either is a good trade or it is a no trade. So if the trade is going against you why not get out at 2 pips of loss instead of 10 or 50? Then you can always look for a re-entry at the right time if that doesn’t happen then move on to the next good setup.

The easiest way I look at it is in the new paradigm you are setting traps waiting on price to come to you instead of chasing trades and hoping price does what you analyized. Sometimes you catch a trade and sometimes the trade doesn’t come to the trap. You set alerts to go off when the trap has been set off so you can take the trade.

Last but not least in this littel 30,000 foot view summary is that understanding will come with VOT or Volume Of Trades. You need to take live (demo) trades to see the new paradigm in action. You cannot backtest although you can draw pitchforks, TL.s and backtest harmonics but you cannot backtest most strategies they need to be traded live.


Creator of Harmonic Wave Convergence

Multi Timeframe Wave Exhaustion pin point accuracy with an indicator to boot that uses real time data and 25 indicators (Lite Free Version For IML Members) so you can use down to a 3 pip stop loss.



Creator of Pitchfork Mastery Course

Steve Gregor has been trading since 2003 and Pitchforks specifically since 2006. So he has put together an amazing Pitchfork Mastery Course that covers everything you can involving them.

This training takes his years of learning, mistakes, successes and compresses it into a nicely put together trading course which sets you up for success.

You have two options for the course pay full price HERE (no affiliation or affiliate link = I get nothing if you purchase) or you can become a member of IML (iMarkestLive) by click HERE and get it for free. There is a free 7 day trial period (well worth it). Just make sure you are ready to trade before joining so you can make full use of your first 7 days.


pitchfork master

Creator of Charlie-Delta Trading


Also Put Harmonic Strategy Called Quickfire On Steroids:

quickfire steve gregor