How To Save Your Charts On Tradingview?

Saving your charts is a great way to never lose your work or markups. The other upside is you can access it from anywhere you have an internet connection that includes even Tradingviews mobile apps.

So how can you save your charts on Tradingview?

Tradingview’s ability to save your charts, markups, and layouts so you can come back where you left off from any device is amazing feature follow these easy steps to get it done right. 

  1. Click Manage Chart Layouts (Next To Cloud)
  2. Click New Chart Layout or Make A Copy
  3. Make any changes to chart
  4. Click Manage Chart Layouts
  5. Click Rename
  6. Enter Name For Chart You Would Like To save
  7. Click Save Button

That’s all there is too it.

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Saving A Chart In Tradingview

  • Making Changes – you don’t want to make changes on your current chart if you are going to be wanting to go back to the original chart. So you want to either first go to a new chart or at least make a copy of your current chart. You do this back clicking the down arrow shown in the picture. Then select new chart layout or make a copy.

tradingview click save chart

Making changes to tradingview chart

  • Now when you look up to the manage charts area you will see it says “Unnamed”. In order to change this to whatever you would like click on the managed charts area and click on “Rename”

rename chart tradingview


  • Enter a name in I usually use something like the Pair it is and strategy I am using/backtesting or the indicator.

rename and change tradingview chart

Now you have the option to save as you want to as you go along.

Can’t Save Chart Name Tradingview?

There are a few main issues and reasons you run into if your Tradingview Charts not saving

  • Change Name – If you can’t save chart name in Tradingview it is most likely that you already have a chart saved with that same name. To test this try to enter a 1 or 2 after the chart name you are trying to save.
  • Multiple Tabs – you should never work on the the same chart layout in two different tabs at the same time. This will conflict and not save. You may be out of luck completely, but you can try to shift to the other chart. It will say refresh simply click no and go try again on the chart you would like to save. If you need to work on same chart layout for multiple pairs simply create a copy before making changes.
  • WIFI – if your wifi disconnects and connects infrequently this may be the culprate as well. The way you can counteract this is by enabling auto save so when you make changes it will automatically save. Then if the internet disconnects or anything else happens you can have a save with the last minute. You can make changes to how active your auto save is anything from 1 minute up. I find the 5 minute works best and doesn’t bog down the charts.

How Do You Save New Charts In Tradingview?

Saving a new chart has gotten much easier then it used to be in Tradingview. Now you just click the save icon then you may be prompted to enter a name where the default is simple “unnamed”.


Tradingview Chart Related Questions

How To Save Multiple Charts On Tradingview?

You can save multiple charts on Traingview very easily now. First select your chart layout I personally use a 3 chart layout where I have either the 4H/1H, then 15M and lastly 5M. I have them displayed horizontally. In order to save I go to the save icon then change from “unnamed” to whatever name I like. My naming usually consists of Pair/Strategy.

So let’s say I was using a Bollinger Band Strategy for Gold I would use something like XAUUSD BB. Then if I was using support and resistance as well I would go with XAUUSD BB SR.

How To Save Charts On Tradingview App?

Saving charts on Tradingview Mobile App is actually very easy since they have made some major updates. All you need to do is click the wrench and ruler cross icon then go down to “Save Chart Layout”. You can also use the Save As Chart Layout option as well if you looking to save as something else.

How Many Charts Can You Save On Tradingview?

This will depend on what level plan you are subscribed too so we will go through them all.

  • Free – with the freemium plan you can only save one chart layout, but this is better then none. So if you only trade one pair this is great and should work for you until you get enough money to upgrade.
  • Pro – this plan allows you to save up to 5 chart layouts which is really all you need. You don’t want to be trading too many pairs especially when you are first starting out. You will do more damage then good.
  • Pro+ – the pro plus plan you can save 10 different chart layouts. Now you are talking we used this for the first couple years of our Tradingview subscription.
  • Premium – this is what we currently use besides testing things on free version. This plan will give you access to UNLIMTED CHART LAYOUTS! And it should for the price.

How Do You Sync Charts On Tradingview?

You sync charts on Tradingview by first going to the chart layout icon up top. Simple click this and on the bottom you will see symbol, interval, crosshair, time, drawing. Simply highlight all of these if you want everything synced on your charts. Or you can go through each one individually and test what you want on and off. Personally we have the symbol, crosshair, and drawings synced and leave the interval and time out of it.


Saving charts is very easy with all the new updates to Tradgingview. If you don’t like the autosave feature which some don’t you have other options as well. On of these is simply by pressing cntrl+S on your keyboard to quick save. You can still press the undo button when you make mistakes to go back as well.





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