ICT’s Trading Performance Exposed: The Shocking Truth

Are you curious about the truth behind ICT’s trading performance?

Brace yourself for the shocking truth as we expose the deception surrounding ICT’s claims and actions in the trading world.

From questionable withdrawals to lacking proof of his trading success, doubts about his credibility arise.

Join us as we delve into the failures in the Robin’s Cup, ICT’s manipulation of data, and his desire for recognition.

Discover the shocking truth behind ICT’s trading performance.

ICT’s Photoshopped Withdrawal: Unveiling the Deception

You need to know the truth about ICT’s photoshopped withdrawal, as it reveals the deception behind his trading performance. The impact on his credibility can’t be ignored.

ICT defended the withdrawal as real initially, only to later claim it was a joke. This manipulation tactic raises questions about his honesty and integrity.

The psychology behind ICT’s manipulation tactics is intriguing. By photoshopping his withdrawal, he attempted to portray himself as a successful trader, deceiving his followers. This tactic aims to maintain his reputation and gain trust, despite the lack of evidence supporting his trading skills.

Understanding the psychology behind such manipulation tactics helps shed light on ICT’s motivations and casts doubt on his claims of being a profitable trader.

The Truth Behind ICT’s Trading Performance: A Devastating -97

How did ICT’s trading performance result in a devastating -97%? ICT’s trading performance analysis reveals that his trading strategies were evaluated as highly ineffective, resulting in a significant loss of -97%. This shocking outcome raises questions about the credibility of ICT’s claims and the effectiveness of his trading methods. A visual representation of ICT’s trading performance can be seen in the table below:

Trading Performance Outcome
August 2015 -10%
September 2015 -15%
October 2015 -20%
February 2016 -52%

As evident from the table, ICT’s trading performance consistently resulted in negative returns. This raises concerns about the reliability of his trading strategies and whether they are based on sound principles. It is essential for traders to carefully evaluate the track record and performance of mentors before adopting their strategies. In the case of ICT, his trading performance analysis highlights the need for caution and skepticism when considering his trading methods.

ICT’s Lack of Trading Skills: The Consensus of Long-time Followers

Despite ICT’s claims of expertise, long-time followers of ICT generally agree that he lacks the necessary trading skills. These followers, who’ve been observing ICT’s trading performance over a significant period of time, have reached a consensus regarding his abilities. Their perspective sheds light on the truth behind ICT’s trading skills and reveals a lack of proficiency in the following areas:

  • Inconsistent profitability: ICT’s trading performance analysis shows a pattern of inconsistent profitability, with significant losses and a lack of sustained success.

  • Lack of evidence: Long-time followers note that ICT has never provided concrete evidence of his trading skills through live trading in a real account. This absence of proof raises doubts about the validity of his claims.

  • Lack of transparency: ICT’s reluctance to show real documents regarding his long-term trading performance, as well as his selective uploading of winning trades, further contributes to the consensus that he lacks the necessary trading skills.

The Unsubstantiated Boasts: Ict’s Claims Vs. Reality

Although ICT makes bold claims about his trading abilities, the reality of his performance fails to substantiate these boasts. ICT has a history of making exaggerated claims about his trading skills, such as calling price to the tick and accurately predicting market direction. However, there’s a lack of transparency when it comes to providing evidence to support these claims.

ICT has never shown any live trading in a live account and only tweets about price action that has already happened. Furthermore, ICT avoids showing real documents about his long-term trading performance and only uploads winning trades, giving the impression of being a successful trader.

This lack of transparency raises doubts about the accuracy of ICT’s claims and calls into question the credibility of his trading abilities.

ICT’s Hidden Trading: The Mystery of Live Account Activity

You have never witnessed any live account activity from ICT, leaving a mysterious void in his trading practices. Despite his claims of being a successful trader, ICT’s trading secrecy and lack of transparency raise questions about the authenticity of his trading performance. Here are three key points to consider:

  • Lack of live trades: ICT has never shown any live trading in a live account, keeping his trading activities hidden from scrutiny. This lack of transparency makes it difficult to verify the accuracy of his trading claims.

  • Hidden live trades: The absence of any evidence of ICT’s live trades raises suspicions about the actual profitability of his trading strategies. Without the ability to observe his trades in real-time, it’s challenging to assess his trading skills and the effectiveness of his strategies.

  • Secrecy and lack of transparency: ICT’s refusal to provide real documents or show the running balance on his accounts adds to the secrecy surrounding his trading practices. This lack of transparency makes it challenging for followers and skeptics alike to trust his claims of success.

ICT’s Selective Twitter Activity: Hindsight or Manipulation

Three examples of ICT’s selective Twitter activity reveal a pattern of hindsight and potential manipulation. ICT’s Twitter activity raises questions about its genuineness and whether it is staged to create a particular narrative. By analyzing ICT’s teaching methods, it becomes evident that they may be misleading rather than effective.

Examples of ICT’s Selective Twitter Activity Analysis
Only tweeting about price action that has already happened This raises doubts about the authenticity of ICT’s predictions and suggests that he may be cherry-picking successful trades to showcase his skills.
Avoiding showing real documents about long-term trading performance ICT’s reluctance to provide evidence of his trading success undermines his credibility and raises suspicions about the legitimacy of his claims.
Uploading only winning trades and not showing running account balance This selective sharing of trades creates a skewed perception of ICT’s trading abilities and may be a tactic to manipulate followers into believing in his expertise.

These examples highlight the need for skepticism when evaluating ICT’s Twitter activity and teaching methods. It is crucial to scrutinize the information presented and consider alternative perspectives to make informed decisions about ICT’s credibility and trading abilities.

Unveiling ICT’s Trading Documents: The Elusive Proof of Performance

When examining ICT’s trading performance, it’s essential to delve into the elusive proof of performance by analyzing his trading documents. Unveiling ICT’s trading performance secrets requires a thorough scrutiny of these documents, which have been a subject of controversy and skepticism.

Here are three key aspects to consider:

  • Lack of transparency: ICT has avoided showing real documents about his long-term trading performance, raising doubts about the authenticity of his claims. The absence of concrete evidence has fueled speculation among his followers.

  • Selective showcasing: ICT’s tendency to upload individual trades after they’re over creates an illusion of success. By cherry-picking winning trades and omitting the running balance on accounts, he presents a distorted image of his trading prowess.

  • Avoidance of live trading: Despite his claims of being a skilled trader, ICT has never shown any live trading in a live account. This absence of real-time trading further adds to the skepticism surrounding his performance.

In order to truly assess ICT’s trading abilities, a closer examination of his trading documents is imperative. It’s only through transparency and verifiable proof that the truth about his trading performance can be unveiled.

The Illusion of Success: ICT’s Crafty Trade Upload Tactics

Creating a façade of accomplishment, ICT skillfully employs crafty trade upload tactics to deceive and mislead his followers. His trade upload techniques raise questions about whether he’s manipulating or transparently showcasing his trades.

By selectively uploading winning trades and avoiding showing the running balance on his accounts, ICT creates the illusion of success. This tactic can have a significant impact on his followers’ perception of his trading abilities. They may see him as a highly skilled trader, unaware of the losses he incurs or the overall negative performance of his trades.

ICT’s crafty trade upload tactics not only mislead his followers but also undermine the trust and credibility he claims to have. It’s essential for his followers to be aware of these tactics and critically evaluate his trading performance.

The Robin’s Cup Failures: Exposing ICT’s Contradictions

While ICT claims that the Robin’s Cup is all that matters, his failures in the competition contradict this assertion. It’s evident that ICT’s manipulation tactics and ego-driven strategies are dissected through his repeated failures in the Robin’s Cup.

Despite his claims of being the greatest trader, ICT’s inability to perform well in the competition makes him look foolish.

ICT’s obsession with the Robin’s Cup is seen as a way to manipulate the situation and validate his trading concepts.

Furthermore, his teaching methods reveal inconsistencies and flaws, as he only teaches through action that has already happened, avoiding live trading which could expose the illusion he creates.

It is clear that ICT’s failures in the Robin’s Cup and his flawed teaching methods raise doubts about his abilities and credibility as a trader.

ICT’s Trading Empire Mirage: The Truth Behind the Smoke and Mirrors

To truly understand ICT’s trading empire, you must peel back the layers of smoke and mirrors. One of the key aspects to consider is the impact of ICT’s ego manipulation on his followers.

By constantly boasting about his supposed trading prowess and wealth, ICT creates a sense of superiority and admiration among his followers. This manipulation not only feeds his ego but also reinforces his credibility in their eyes.

However, this raises ethical implications when it comes to ICT’s selling vs. free content approach. While ICT presents himself as someone who provides everything for free, he’s actually made millions from selling mentorships and earning ad revenue from YouTube.

This raises questions about the authenticity of his intentions and the true purpose behind his trading concepts.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Did Ict’s Photoshopped Withdrawal Deception Come to Light?

The photoshopped withdrawal deception by ICT came to light when keen-eyed observers noticed a missing minus sign in the multi-million dollar withdrawal.

This revelation had a significant impact on ICT’s credibility, raising doubts about his honesty and integrity.

Within his online trading community, the repercussions were far-reaching. Many followers who’d trusted ICT began to question his trading skills and the validity of his claims.

The scandal served as a wake-up call, prompting a reevaluation of ICT’s teachings and the need for transparency in the trading industry.

What Evidence Is There to Support the Claim That ICT Is Bad at Trading?

To support the claim that ICT is bad at trading, evidence shows that his market analysis techniques are flawed. He only tweets about past price action and avoids showing live trading in a real account. His back testing results in a success rate worse than a coin flip, and he cherry-picks data to suit his argument.

Additionally, ICT’s trading performance from August 2015 to February 2016 resulted in a total return of -97%. This evidence highlights the impact of emotional trading and raises doubts about his abilities.

Has ICT Ever Shown Any Live Trading in a Live Account?

Is ICT’s live trading performance truly exceptional or overhyped? Do ICT’s trading results match his claims of success in his courses?

ICT has never shown any live trading in a live account, which raises doubts about the validity of his claims. Without evidence of his trading performance in real-time, it’s difficult to determine the accuracy of his teachings and the extent of his success.

It’s important to approach ICT’s claims with skepticism until there’s concrete proof of his live trading results.

What Techniques Does ICT Use to Give the Impression of Being Good at Trading?

ICT uses various psychological manipulation techniques to create the illusion of being good at trading. He avoids showing real documents about his long-term trading performance and only uploads winning trades after they’re over. By cherry-picking data and adjusting parameters, ICT can make his strategies appear profitable through flawed back testing.

Additionally, ICT relies heavily on social media to enhance his trading image and attract followers. His constant bragging and wealth mentions serve to validate his trading concepts and manipulate the perception of his success.

How Does Ict’s Obsession With the Robin’s Cup Contradict His Claims of Being the Greatest Trader?

ICT’s obsession with the Robin’s Cup raises questions about his claims of being the greatest trader. While he emphasizes the importance of the competition, his repeated failures contradict his self-proclaimed title.

This contradiction undermines the credibility of his trading skills and casts doubt on his overall strategy. By placing excessive focus on the Robin’s Cup, ICT may be manipulating the situation to validate his ego rather than demonstrating consistent trading success.

This raises concerns about the authenticity of his claims and the effectiveness of his trading methods.


In conclusion, the revelations surrounding ICT’s trading performance raise significant doubts about his credibility.

From the discovery of a photoshopped withdrawal to a staggering -97% total return, it’s clear that ICT’s claims of trading success are questionable.

The absence of evidence supporting his ability to predict price movements and his selective uploading of winning trades further add to the skepticism.

Overall, the truth behind ICT’s trading performance reveals a lack of skill and manipulative tactics to maintain a facade of proficiency.

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