How To Delete A Published Idea On Tradingview?

It happens you get going want to share with world your idea on trading then bam you make a mistake hit publish now you want to go back and fix. Publishing an idea on TradingView does need some fixes and I am sure they will continue to improve the platform every week there seems to be updates so hopefully by the time you read this TradingView developers have fixed the issues with publishing ideas.

Deleted publish idea

So how do I delete a published idea on Tradingview?

You can  delete a published idea on Tradingview within 15 minutes of publishing it. So if you click publish want to quickly change something then just go back to the published page, click edit make the change and save. 

I see both sides of this as a user you want to fix mistakes especially with publishing to the public. For me it is usually something I wrote on the actual chart that I mess up not the actual trade. If the trade doesn’t go my way so be it as long as I am following my trading plan. TradingView sees it as holding everyone transparent which I do highly respect.

When somebody publishes something to the community they are making a forecast and need to be honest about the outcome. From what I have heard in the beginning you could make changes and that was essentially what was happening. Traders didn’t have a trade going their way so they were deleting or editing the setup to make it look like they were correct.

They hold this standard for all information published on their network. TradingView has House Rules that go over most every aspect of publishing ideas and scripts.

Some of those which I broke at first are sharing links in the description which I was constantly doing. I published 17 scripts in 30 days and they banished all of them because I was linking out to other sites. Didn’t realize that, but most all the links were to where I got the information from.

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So remember when publishing an idea or script that you will not be able change the actual chart that is displayed. With a script what you can do is make it a private publication first then go public with it after everything is set. You can still share the script via direct link so people can test and get back to you on it.

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